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Brand: Remo Model: MYHDS-29959
With features like portability, tunability, durability, and playability it's no wonder why it is the choice for thousands and thousands of professional and recreational drummers for years.The Mondo Djembe features full-range tuning with rich, warm bass and well-defined slap tones, making it the most..
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Brand: Remo Model: MYHDS-54499
Remo Mondo Designer Series Key-Tuned Djembe..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Remo Model: MYHDS-99672
The Tamani Talking Drum features a traditional rope tuning style which produces a warm authentic sound, making it ideal for pitch-bending. Constructed with an Acoustic on shell, Sky deep Ultratac drumheads and a textured antique finish. The Tamani Talking Drum is an excellent choice for students, te..
$155.00 Ex Tax:$155.00
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