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Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-65890
The MEINL FWB190 Marathon Series Free Ride Wood Bongos are perfect for the ambitious beginner and for those looking for an affordable set that has outstanding professional features. The MEINL patented Free Ride Suspension System means the drums are joined together with no holes drilled in the shells..
$160.00 Ex Tax:$160.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-84003
The Meinl fire rhythm series original African rope tuned Djembe has a black finish with hand carved designs. This high quality instrument is crafted with great attention to detail and provides an outstanding, full-volume sound. The Meinl original African style rope tuned Djembe is made from a solid ..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-90610
The MEINL Ibo Drums perfectly combine tradition with modern innovation. “Ibo” is the Nigerian name for “pottery” where these unique drums originate. They all have a wide spectrum of sounds, are easy to play and offer many great features. The MEINL Tri Sound Ibo Drum features an additional rawhide pl..
$180.00 Ex Tax:$180.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-99111
Mahogany shell: Meinl talking drums are carved from a solid piece of mahogany and offer unmatched tonal range and resonanceHand-selected goat skin heads: The heads are secured and tuned by spanning nylon ropes, which are squeezed to bend the notes of the drum to offer warm tone for both high and low..
$80.00 Ex Tax:$80.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-86449
The MEINL Artisan Edition Tongo Carved Djembe with colored ornamental carving is made from one solid piece of Mahogany. The drum is fitted with a hand selected goat skin head and is tuned with pre- stretched HTP nylon rope using the Mali-Weave tuning system. The rope is colored to highlight the pain..
$250.00 Ex Tax:$250.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-80255
The hand carved shells feature a gouged surface reminiscent of sun-dappled water. This exterior texture also makes the djembe easy to grip between the knees. Hand selected goat heads are secured and tuned by the traditional Mali-Weave system made of high quality nylon rope . MEINL Headliner djembes ..
$100.00 Ex Tax:$100.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-62413
The superb craftsmanship of MEINL Headliner Series bongos dominates in sound quality, appearance, durability and value. These bongos are equipped with hand selected buffalo heads that are easy to tune and stay in tune. They have outstanding acoustic properties and are durable enough for the heavier ..
$120.00 Ex Tax:$120.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-13509
Carved from solid mahogany: the hand-carved Mahogany shells feature an earthy design in black and brown. Achieve a variety of sounds, from deep bass tones to high-pitched slapsBag included: the standard djembe Bag is an excellent choice for protecting your instrument. The thick carrying grip and pad..
$170.00 Ex Tax:$170.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-95990
Meinl Shakers are handmade from premium fiberglass and fitted with a net of beads. Unbreakable fiberglass constructionAdjustable netFurrowed surface for loud projection..
$80.00 Ex Tax:$80.00
Brand: Meinl Model: MYHDS-61435
This Shekere is hand made with premium fiberglass with a red shell. It creates that crisp and clear sound you look for in a shekere and is ALMOST unbreakable.Hand Made, Premium FiberglassRed ShellCrisp, Clear SoundAlmost Unbreakable..
$110.00 Ex Tax:$110.00
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